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Olivier Barraud
Born the 07/12/1988
From : Bordeaux - France

I'm passionate by Computer Sciences since I'm a child.
I grew up with my twin brother and we discovered the IT world together starting with an Amstrad PC 1512 and an Atari ST.

Of course we developed a strong interest in games and because we were two we also developed a critical thinking about our activity.

I had this dream when I was a child, being able to create a video-game that will be enjoyed by an entire generation.

This passion leads me to Epitech (a Computer Science School in France) where I worked hard to acquire high skills in programming.
Thanks to this school I'm more than passionate, can work with a team, under pressure, with short deadlines and I am a quick learner.
Also my mindset pushes me to not be lazy at work, I like the job done quickly and as well as possible.
I also want to be useful in a company, learn new things, feel that my work matters and be appreciate by my co-workers.
I had the pleasure to study during 8 months in Southern California at Cal State San Marcos and took advantage of the situation to perfect my English.

I also think the more you give the more you earn, It's also true when you are working in a company.
I hoped you liked this short introduction and are curious about what I've already done.

You can click to see the projects I realised and take a look to my resume.