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DotA2 RGB (Hardware Lighting + GSI)

Dota2 RGB is the idea to illuminate the room through RGB devices based on what is happening in the game.
I implemented a DotA2 GSI (Game State Integration) in C++ using JSONCPP library.
I implemented an abstraction in order to be able to use multiple RGB hardware (Corsair, Asus, Steelseries etc...)
I am using MFC to create the interface, I started with Electron but I was insatisfied with the performance as the GUI is
meant to run in the tray and detect automatically when DotA starts.
Techonologies: C/C++, MFC, JSONCPP, CUESDK, LibCurl
Team Members(1): 1 Developer

PORYL (Core Engine + GameJam)

PORYL is a competitive asymetrical multiplayer PVP and PVE game
where one side is defending and the other is attacking.
The defending side must protect 3 objectives against players and NPCs.
The attacking side must help the NPCs to destroy the objectives but the players cannot attack the objectives directly.
We made this game in 10 days during the GameJam 2022 (Baltimore University) and earned the 3rd place. Techonologies: Core Engine, LUA
Team Members(2): 1 Developer, 1 Mapper

Bully The Meepo (DotA2 Modding)

Bully The Meepo is a minigame for DotA2 up to 10 players adding physic and inertia.
The players pass a present to one another as the bull runs and drifts toward the player holding the present.
If the bull hit the holder, the player dies and the present is automatically sent to the nearest alive player. Techonologies: Valve Software Modding Tools, LUA
Team Members(1): 1 Developer

Train Harder (Unity + Steam Release)

Train Harder is a VR Game fully taking advantage of the roomscale.
The game is designed to make the player move as much as possible by physically strafing left, strafing right
crouching, standing and aiming at the same time. This is intense!
Techonologies: Unity Engine, C#
Team Members(3): 2 Developers, 1 2D/3D Designer

FullImmersion (Kinect + Oculus)

FullImmersion is the association of two very powerfull hardwares
Kinect as a motion sensor and Oculus Rift as render machine.
Based on an idea I had when I was younger we create a virtual world
where the user can experience a video conference with another one
and feel like being next to him. [Usage of: C++ / Ogre]
More informations about this project soon.

BomberLike Client (Network + Abstract)

This is my actual personal C++ project, I'm working with my twin brother on it and we are doing a
Bomberman-like game that is Online and Cross-platform between PC and Android. I've learned a lot from this
project, mostly about the conception and the optimization. We are already running our first playable beta version.

Wolf3D (C Raycasting)

Made on my own I had a week to reproduce the raycasting system used by some old games such as Doom or Wolfenstein 3D.

R-Type (Crossplatform Linux/Windows + Network)

In a team of 4 people we reproduced an R-Type game playable in multiplayers (Online) on linux and windows.
We made our own protocol and the server is able to run multiple instances of the game.

Epikong (Linux Game)

A mini platform game where the goal is to escape from a dungeon full of ghosts by carrying the key to the door. We were a team of 3 people and made that game in 2 days. Created in C we used the SDL Library.

Zappy (IA + Network)

The zappy is a kind of game we made in C with SDL library. The purpose of this project was to create an environment with gems and food
and developed an AI that would be enough intelligent to survive by eating enough and evolve by collecting gems.
This project is online, we developed the client, the server and the AI.

Nibbler (Abstract)

This software is a simple Snake but the purpose of this project was to learn how to create an abstract factory pattern then our game is able to run with 3 different graphic engines. (OpenGL / NCurse / SDL)

GTA4RP (Community + Script)

This project started with the idea to be able to live a mmorpg experience with GTA4. With the
help of an American Dev team I scripted in squirrel to make it possible. The data were saved in a SQL
Database and I created a website where the players can create their accounts. The website and forum part
has been made from scratch. Sadly this project was a junior project that is unfinished but I've learn a lot
about scripting a game logic on a huge project.